A Fantasy Fiesta
Face painting & More!
OC & LA, California

  Code of Practice

Safety, Hygiene & other Important Considerations when hiring a Facepainter:

A Fantasy Fiesta uses special products specifically designed for use on the skin. The facepaint we use both traditional and airbrush is water based theatrical makeup. The airbrush tempoary tattoo product is skin safe alcohol based ink. All are high quality cosmetic grade brands from the US and Europe which have been researched for safety and hypoallergenicity and are compliant with safety standards (such as FDA and International Agencies like the EU). No cheap tempura or craft acrylics that are designed for walls and that can irritate and cause rashes, will be found at our table.

Upholding a high standard of hygiene we use clean water for each child, one sponge per child and antibiotic wash for brushes. Our kits are all cleaned with 99% alcohol after each use. We are neat and tidy and will always leave the location in good condition.

Artists are highly trained through attending specialized classes, conventions and maintaining constant communication with facepainters throughout the world on the latest techniques of the art.

All painters carry liability insurance.

Our facepainting is also stress-free for you: Having A Fantasy Fiesta facepainting at your event will take none of your time as we take care of everything. we even come with table, chairs and lighting if needed--you need do nothing, but enjoy seeing the happy faces of your party group enjoying their fantasies come true.

I, as many other professional facepainters, bring years of experience with children and handling the public. In the past I have worked as a director of a preschool for the mentally handicapped, a recreation director in group home for delinquents and a social and foster care worker.

Facepainting is not just about putting paint on the body, it is an interactive creative experience that fosters joy and warmth through the gentle touch of A Fantasy Brush. There is nothing like putting a smile on a child's face no matter if he or she is 1 or 92!

"The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing knowledge."
Albert Einstein