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  About Cindee

Hi, I'm Cindee McCallister, the owner of A Fantasy Fiesta, Facepainting & More! I've always had an interest in artwork and makeup. I would be the one to dress everybody up and do their Halloween makeup every year--it was more fun than going to the party!

But as an adult I was lead into the helping & healing professions. So, it wasn't until a few years ago when I was working in Central America that I discovered facepainting while I was looking for something to entertain the kids from the orphanage in the next town. I was searching the internet and up pops Facepainting. I'd never even seen a facepainter before! I fell in love with the art and addicted to the wonderful smiles it produces. That was it. I had to return to the U.S. and start a children's entertainment business.

It's wonderful to see how facepainting stimulates the imagination. I feel like a fairy godmother. The kids come to me with a wish, a dream to be something--a dragon, spiderman, a fairy, a princess. I wave my fantasy brush and whish, they become it. It's magical, transformative. And even if the paint has to wash off that night, they have a joyful memory that can last a lifetime.

And this doesn't just happen with little kids. I love providing the opportunity for the inner child that we all have inside of us, to come out and play. After all parties are not just about eating and drinking, they are about experiencing joy. There is nothing like putting a smile on a little kid's face--even if the kid is 70 years old!

I bring to facepainting years of experience with children and handling the public. In the past I have worked as a director of a preschool for the mentally handicapped, a recreation director, social worker and more recently I have worked in healing and wellness care.

I feel that facepainting is not just about putting paint on the body. It is an interactive creative experience that fosters joy and warmth through the gentle touch of a fantasy brush.